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Nov 25, 2020

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This show includes the following songs:

Sally Rose - Hear My Voice  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Writer Chad Maley - Now I See You With Her  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lisa Gentile - Honey, I Drank the Cookin' Wine  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Natalie Nicole Gilbert - Wrapped Up In A Dream Called You  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kelli McCarthy - The Reckoning  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Mary Brennan - Cinderella Shoes  FOLLOW ON BROADJAM

Vicki Carrott (writer Gary T Woodson) - A One Night Stand  FOLLOW ON BROADJAM

Starburst Records - Felice Don't Break My Heart Again ft. Shannon Marie  FOLLOW ON BROADJAM

Nezzina Viola - Take Me Away  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Annette Adler - Family You Choose  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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