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Oct 28, 2019

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This show includes the following songs:

Jackie Morris - Money To Burn FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Bett Padgett - We Need A Miracle Now FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ed & Carol Nicodemi - Let a Flower Grow FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lisa Richards - Weather FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Aydra J Swan - No Ice 

Janet Bates - A Canary in a Coal Mine FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Julia Massey - The Story of the Earth So Far FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lenore Troia - Save Paradise 

Mandy Woods - It's a Message FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Saritah - Here We Stand FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Violizzy Taub - We Are The Sea FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Swift Timmy - Trees feat. Adelaide Channon FOLLOW ON REVERBNATION

Bridget Wolf - Oceans and Trees FOLLOW ON APPLE MUSIC

Judy Nazemetz - Miami Underwater 

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