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Sep 20, 2019

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This show includes the following songs:

Willow & Wood - There Will Always Be a Light FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY 

Dawn O'Keefe Williams - We Are One FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Voices Three - Look for the Saints FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kim Jovanov - Oblivion FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Susan Horowitz - The Heroes of Nine-Eleven FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Vicki Lee - America FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Melanie Broussard - Great Divide FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Bridget Wolf - Sleeping Giant FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Creative Spirit featuring Donna Packard and Scott Cheney - Breathing Together FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Chappell & Dave Holt - Slow to Smile FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Laurie Miller - Fornicated Infinity  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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