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Nov 28, 2014


Rachael Sage - English Tea

Molly Adele Brown - Mr. Right

Sandy Rapp - Ain't Nobody Home

Rachelle & The Rising - Maze

Ann Licater - Angels on The Wind

Olivia & The Creepy Crawlies - The Mad King

Nadia Rae (writer Kevin Frederick Byrne) - Breakin' Out


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Nov 27, 2014


Marcella Detroit - Thanksgiving Day


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Voiceover talent DeAnne Arnold

Facebook Admin. Dena Taylor (say "hi" to Dena on our Facebook page)

Nov 26, 2014


Leah Capelle - Would You Know

Katherine H Almeida - You Take My Breath Away

CallToStart - Fighter

Jamie Lynn Fletcher - The Fool

Edelplanet - Survived

Clair - No One To Save

Olivia Millerschin - We Know Not


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Nov 25, 2014


1. Amanda Lamb - We Were Here

2. Victoria Celestine - Alive

3. Alzara & Brother Spellbinder - Speed of Sound

4. NOHC - Fly

5. Kathryn Kaye - The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter

6. Denise Foglein - Guardian Angel

7. Tia - Without You


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Nov 24, 2014

Bree Noble introduces listeners to new music by 7 amazing artists and songwriters.


Maureen Russell & Tracey Graham - I Wish It Would Rain

PJ Brunson - Cold Tennessee Rain

Hot Breakfast - 39 Summers

Margaux O'Brien - Madeline

Jill Detroit - No Man's Land

Kelly Rae Burton - Freeze You

Johanna Stahley - I Won't...