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May 4, 2022

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This show includes the following songs:

Jen Norman - Moon Baby  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Tricia Fox - Dear Body  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jordan Whitmore - I Promise  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Karen Turner - Wish I Could Just Stop By  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ed & Carol Nicodemi - Your Own Star  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Judy Nazemetz - Yesterday I Was So Tired  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lynda Dobbin-Turner - My Mother's Hands  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Aviva Marchette - Only A Mama Knows  

Susan Horowitz aka Dr. Sue - Teach You In Time  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Sara Furrer - Love And Happiness 

Doreen Pinkerton - Mother, Mother (Song For Mom, Radio Ensemble)  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Melanie Milburn - They're Not Little Very Long  

Pam Messer - No Trouble  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Delightful Angst - Biggie Blanket  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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