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Jan 17, 2022

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This show includes the following songs:

Gail Taylor - Staying Young  FOLLOW ON BANDCAMP

Susan Marie Gallion - The Woman In Me  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jade 10 - I Am Beautiful  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Shauna Chanda - Don't Give Up  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Stefanie Johnson - Monster  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Laura Day - David's Eyes  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

ActivateMe - Time Moves On Alone FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Catherine Porter - Wildflower  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Wendy Morris - Love Can Sting  FOLLOW ON BANDCAMP

SJ Jananiy - Believe In You  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Anastia Léyon (Starburst Records) - Our Time Is Now feat. Paul Anthony  FOLLOW ON BROADJAM

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