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Oct 18, 2021

Building Community & Coming Together

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This show includes the following songs:

Donna Cristy - You Are My Brother  

Ed & Carol Nicodemi - Windows  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Cheryl Hillier - From The Trickle Comes A Wave  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Angelina LaCarrubba - Pretend  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Cheryl B Engelhardt (Choral piece feat. Donzaleigh Abernathy and Wes Felton) - The Listening  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Mandy Brooks - Common Ground  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Hannah Glavor - Distant Shores FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Joy Solomon - Save Each Other  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Liel Bar-Z with Christian Schormann - Tolerance  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Shirley Murdock - Someday  

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