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Oct 8, 2021

Hope, Strength & Inspiration

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This show includes the following songs:

castle-eye - Go Down Swingin'  

Rosalie Login - Let It Go  FOLLOW ON YOUTUBE

Michelle Little - Invincible   FOLLOW ON ITUNES

Jennifer Dixon - Someone Else's Dream  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Dierdre - Shine  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Angelina LaCarrubba - Made For This  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Sofia Evangelina - Endure  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kelly Auty - Don't Cry  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Maddy & Nancy - Begin Again  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Koko Conley - Keep Your Head Up  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Doreen Pinkerton - This Life - Version 3  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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