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Sep 27, 2021

Pandemic, 2020 & The Proliferation of Technology

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This show includes the following songs:

Shelby Blondell - It'll Be Okay  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kelli Brogan - I Miss the Little Things  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Tiffany Thompson - Catch A New Beginning  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Judy Nazemetz - Cooped Up  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Dana Perry - Tunes on the Battlefield  FOLLOW ON BANDCAMP

Laura Suarez - Angels in Battle FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Nancy Kelel - Frontline Strong  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lil McGill - Sad Samhain (Sad, Sad Halloween)  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Carlene Thissen - Steady As She Goes  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kate Assiran - Calm Before The Storm  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ruth Broyde Sharone - Modern Menage A Trois  CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE


Remerge Band - 2020 LAmEnt (Away Away)  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ruth Broyde Sharone - Take Me Back to the Good Old Days  CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE

Levi Perry - 2021  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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