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Sep 13, 2021

Be The Change

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This show includes the following songs:

Harriet Reynolds - Silence Is Not Golden  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Carlene Thissen - Go Change the World  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Cheryl Hillier - New Mantra (live)  FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Kati Mac - Be The Change  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Donna Colton - Time For A Change  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Gracious Me - Don't Become What You Claim to Hate FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lady Alderney  feat. Madsdevallia - Tomorrow  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

HOLYSEA - Ready Or Not (Change Is Coming)  FOLLOW ON YOUTUBE

Bridget Wolf - Let's Make the Difference  FOLLOW ON BROADJAM

Kath Spellman - Magic Mirror  FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Remerge Band - Leaving Zombie Land  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Katherine Nemeth feat. Paula Trammell Harris - Be The Change  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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