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Sep 10, 2021

Exposing Abuse & Abusive Relationships

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This show includes the following songs:

Christiana Powell - 21 Days  

Emma Grant - Staying For Love  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Donna Colton - Black and Blue Elaine  

Katie Tich - In My Head  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Amethystone - Survivor’s Song  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY 

Maria Shepard - In the Morning  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lil McGill - Bitch Tax feat. Mr Gadget  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

The Shockitanos - Something You Should Know  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Donna Hourigan & The Lucky Lips Band - Crash & Burn  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Mariam-Saba Ahmad - Blind  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Black-eyed SUZIE - Murder In Brazil  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Laurie Miller - U Really Chose  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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