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Aug 22, 2021

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This show includes the following songs:

Doreen Pinkerton - Jesus!  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Brittany Henry - Whatever It Is  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Shirley Murdock - Lord You Reign  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Yvette Medina - I'm Forgiven  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Melanie Milburn - I'm Singing Joy  

Ebi Oginni - On His Mind  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

The Shockitanos - When I Walk  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Yvette Medina - He Came With A Purpose  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Doreen Pinkerton - Hallelujah!  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lewis & Clark Musical Expedition - Even On a Bad Day You're a Child of God  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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