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May 3, 2021

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This show includes the following songs:

Mary Jennings - Matriarch  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Michelle Brooks-Thompson - Woman First  FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Deborah Savran - The Woman I Am  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Eleanore & the Lost - North Star  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Caitlin Cannon - Mama's A Hairdresser (Baby's A Life Offender)  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Amanda Raye - Aubry  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Shingai - Fearless  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ed & Carol Nicodemi - Your Own Star  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

writer Robert Gangbo - That Is Your Name (feat. Tamra Rose)  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Mandy Woods - Butterfly  FOLLOW ON BANDCAMP

Jackie Morris - Louise  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Angela Falco - Anna (To All Our Mothers)  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Joanie Calem - Motherhood  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

JAZZ - A Dedication 

Jane Jensen - Bedtime Baby  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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