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Feb 14, 2021

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This show includes the following songs:

Cheri Smith - You And Me  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ed & Carol Nicodemi - Heart and Soul  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Leslie Beauvais - The Valentine Song  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Juli Tapken - Hopin' It's Snowin'  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Newport - I'm In Love With You  

Christine Elise - I Got Love for You  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Instant Karma! featuring Andrea French - Love Is All That Matters  

Louise Alexandra - Until You  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Eli Li - This is the Love  FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Kirby Heard - Can't Find The Words  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY


Phoebe Blume (writer Felice Kaye-Cooper) - This Love  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Levy Perry - I Love Love  

Heather Layne - Complete Me  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Angela Bond - Happy With You  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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