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May 4, 2020

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This show includes the following songs:

Juli Tapken - Mama Says  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Belinda Fraley Huesman - She Holds The World  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Windfall - Little Babe of Mine  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Victoria Jane Kearney - Under The Apple Tree  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Leslie Hudson - Motherblood  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Monica Moser - Mimi's Song  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ed & Carol Nicodemi - A Mother's Love  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Donna Opfer - The Tables Turned feat. Rachel Williams  FOLLOW ON REVERBNATION

Dara Schindelka - Love Lives Here  

Jill Detroit with Emily Simpson - Mother and Daughter  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ruth Bloomquist - Oh Mother  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Meghan Cary - Little Girls  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ananda - Mother's Lullabye  FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Tracy Stark - Welcome Home  FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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