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Oct 9, 2019

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This show includes the following songs:

Deborah Berg - Lady Liberty 

Voices Three - The Higher Ground 

Carlene Thissen - Take These Hands FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY  

Sharyn Dimmick - The Border Song 

Ms. Defiance - We Are All Refugees FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Bett Padgett - Don't Take My Child From Me FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Karina Daza - Espíritu de León FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Chelley Seibert - Lady Liberty FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Laura Baron - Refugee FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

S J. Tucker - Veo un Arbol (Lullaby for Detainees) FOLLOW 

Carlene Thissen - Nine Dead FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Hannah Rebekah - Government For The People FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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