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Jan 9, 2019

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This show includes the following songs:

Moorea (writer David Kessner) - What A Woman Can Do PURCHASE ON ITUNES

writer Robyn Rees - Blue Smoke Turned Black FIND MUSIC

Jill Detroit - I Love You More PURCHASE ON ITUNES

Asako Ito - Four Seasons of Atsuta Shrine PURCHASE ON ITUNES

Maini Sorri - Never Said Goodbye PURCHASE ON ITUNES

Hattie Wilcox - Love in the Meantime FIND MUSIC

Elyssa Vulpes - Front Line PURCHASE ON ITUNES

Susan Nikas - Been There, Done That PURCHASE ON ITUNES

writer Doug Momary - Sassy

Signal 30 - Alligator PURCHASE ON ITUNES

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