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Feb 10, 2020

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This show includes the following songs:

Jess Novak Band - Fireworks & Fairytales FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Amanda McCarthy - On the Border FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Carlene Thissen - Forever Here FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jill Detroit - I've Loved You All My Life FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Tina Van - Magnetic Love FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Gypsy Soul - 6000 Miles FOLLOW ON ITUNES

Beth Bombara - Don't You Know FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Sunnie Haeger - The Most Amazing View FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jo D'Anna - Already Fallen FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Ariella Joy - Everything FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Nicole-Marie - Don't Know What It's Called FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Melani Skybell - Days Like This FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Karin Page - Loving Man FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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