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Feb 2, 2020

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This show includes the following songs:

Doreen Pinkerton - Hallelujah! (fast version) FOLLOW ON ITUNES

Breanna Jade - Savior FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Rachel Lillian & Marla May - Sojourner 

Kezia Curry - Long, Long Time FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Camille Parkman - Messiah FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Rosa Banuelos- When I Think feat. Duena Taylor FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Carie Lauren - God Help The Outcast 

Yvette Medina - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Brienne & the Spanish Lookout Kids' Choir - The One I Turn To 

Doreen Pinkerton - Joy (Flute Mix) FOLLOW ON ITUNES

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